Fitch Ratings

The ratings agency says Mahlobo's appointment signals that SA still wants to pursue a large nuclear energy programme.
Ratings agency Fitch has stripped the UK of its AAA rating due to its "weaker economic and fiscal outlook". The agency placed
Credit ratings agency Fitch has put the UK's economy on watch for a downgrade, heightening the possibility of a negative
I have written about today's topic a fair few times in the past, but Friday's late announcement by the ratings agency, Fitch, that they were putting the UK's credit rating on a 'negative outlook', cannot be passed up.
Britain's gold-plated AAA credit rating was affirmed by Standard & Poor's on Friday in a boost to Chancellor George Osborne's
Last week we saw the ratings agency Fitch downgrade the UK's credit outlook from 'stable' to 'negative'. Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the corridors of power throughout Westminster, with the coalition government saying this justifies their position as the 'guardians of austerity', whilst the Labour party mumbled about how these parsimonious plans clearly weren't working.
Solving the eurozone crisis is "beyond reach" politically and technically, according to a credit rating agency. Fitch warned