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Last week saw the Gadget Show come to Birmingham and I headed there with the sole aim of tracking down the best health technology out there. It was so exciting to see new technology arising, with the possibility of measuring our heart rates, body temperatures and sleep patterns.
The Withings Activité Pop exercise tracker is £119 Key Features: Eight month battery (without charging) Fitness tracking
A smart belt buckle that loosens when you've eaten too much may well end up being the most-loved gadget from CES 2015. Belty
This is the Connected Cycle bike pedal, it's a fitness tracker with a difference which is that if the bike gets stolen then
By Boxing Day, you and your loved ones will almost certainly be rendered immobile due to the sheer weight of turkey and Christmas
Polar's V800 exercise watch is out now starting at £349.99 You don't have to be a card-carrying futurist to see where we're
After the Easter scoff-fest, and as magazines begin to herald the latest way to get a 'Beach Ready Body' for Summer, minds may well be turning back to those abandoned gym resolutions. Here's my selection of gym bag beauty treats and all other manner of exercise carrots to help you get back on track with those fitness resolutions.
For a low price of about £70, it feels like a bit of a steal in direct comparison to the RCX5. While offering nowhere near
Before we actually got hold of one, the original Galaxy Gear seemed bold and ambitious. In person that fell apart. The device
Samsung has announced the Gear Fit, it's new curved glass fitness and notifications watch. You can read all the news about