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The NHS spends more than £6bn each year treating type 2 diabetes and its complications.
Our team test the FitBit Alta HR, Misfit Shine 2, Nokia Steel HR and Apple Watch.
Soz, but simply wearing that watch isn't going to keep you fit.
Jawbone is dead - as a consumer producer of gadgets anyway - and questions have to be asked about Misfit, which looks worryingly lifeless as we await the delayed Misfit Vapor sports smartwatch nearly a year after its unveiling.
'She may have actually died if she had not sought medical attention.'
A 73-year-old woman was alerted to a potentially fatal health problem when her Fitbit displayed a resting heart rate of 140
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Fitness trackers and food journals are big business these days. Back in 2012 when I had just lost 60lbs, I was the only person I knew who wore a fitness tracker (apart from a few of my online friends on MyFitnessPal).
Wearable tech is rightly a leading trend. They can help to measure how effective your workouts are, and can arm people with better information on their health. What they can't do is replace hard work and determination, and they probably won't keep you motivated.