fixed term parliaments

The FTPA (as anyone who has got this far probably knows) means Parliament will sit for a fixed 5-year term rather than the Prime Minister of the day calling a General Election when it suits them (yes, yes, I know). But it does limit the life of a Parliament to five years. Except that under the Withdrawal Bill, a minister could argue that the Brexit process is still incomplete...
It is quite clear now that, 14 months before the election is held, the two leaders of the government are no longer pulling in the same direction and politicking is taking over. It isn't the policy that's driven them apart; it is, for each of them, their own personal survival... For all the surface calm, they are each now trying to destroy the other.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Government has been defeated in the Lords after peers insisted, by 251 votes to 219 (majority 32