bmm banner.jpg Mental health shouldn't be a taboo subject. It took me two years to get help - and that was only because my family persuaded me. I've suffered from anxiety and depression throughout my late teens and early 20s. Usually, there is a trigger and mine, unfortunately, came in the form of being mugged.
I was 16 when I started experimenting with drugs and I used them as a form of escapism. I became addicted to substances like cocaine, amphetamines and ketamine and took them continuously for three years. During one binge I took a cocktail of cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy for three days straight and was terrified I was going to die.
Today I'll be getting my nails painted gold and my hands will be decorated with henna to celebrate Eid. I'm looking forward to wearing a green shalwar kameez from Pakistan with elaborate gold embroidery. I love the celebrations - all the pakoras, samosas and rice of every colour - and it's a chance to see family and friends.
October 2014: I was consumed by anxiety, unable to attend my lessons without being so overwhelmed that I would have to leave. Just the thought of being asked a question by the teacher spiraled into an uncontrollable anxiety attack. Then things began to change.
"A voice has limitless potential; a voice has the ability to make a change." However, why does it often feel that this is not the case, particularly when it comes to young people? It is as if our voices become stagnant, muffled, often ignored by the world around us.
I can't just put food in my body like I'm putting petrol in a car; there are no feelings in a car. That's why I'm supporting a new online forum created by Fixers where young people who've had an eating disorder can talk about their experience in order to help others - be it family, friends of professionals - understand.
I am not blaming ANYONE for causing my illness. However, I do think such magazines should be more positive about every body type. Maybe they could talk in terms of nutrition not new 'diet trends', so young people understand what healthy food is doing for them. And just maybe they could help encourage us to love ourselves?