flappy bird

Well, that didn't take long. Just a few months after having disappeared from iPhone and Android, the official Flappy Bird
The insanely addictive 'Flappy Bird' is making a come back in August only it will be... "less addictive". Creator Dong Nguyen
By some margin, Flappy Bird was the biggest video game story of the winter. And yes, in search volume terms at least that
Hipsters know what's 'hip', 'trendy', 'radical' (they'd avoid that word). How they do this depends on your level of skepticism towards the hipster. They are either attuned to the cosmic waves of human awareness, surfers of the collective consciousness, simultaneously drawn to the same games at the same time, or they read the same websites.
Flappy Bird could return, says its creator Nguyen Dong. The simple one-button mobile game was dramatically pulled from the
Think you're good at 'Flappy Bird'? You're not. This guy is good. And look what happens when you reach level 999! Ok, so
And when you die you can hit your phone with a hammer: Then Yoshi meets Flappy Bird, disaster ensues (Via Oestrahomundodek
There is no shortage of Flappy Bird clones in the world. Pop bands have them. Sesame Street has them. Even vague, no-longer
The creator of Flappy Bird said he received death threats at the height of the game's popularity - and that they've only
Flappy Bird didn't break the App Store. EA's Dungeon Keeper isn't an anti-game. And the people who play(ed) them aren't doing so against their will, or in contravention of natural justice, or in a sort of mindless stupor.