"I opened the balcony door and saw this river flowing down the road," one resident of Queens Drive, Finsbury Park said.
More than 1,100 military personnel have been deployed to the regions of Murcia and Valencia
“There is a possibility the spillway could become fully broken in a few hours."
The Welsh village of Fairbourne was built on a floodplain more than 100 years ago. It’s been popular with holidaymakers and retirees ever since. But the realities of climate change could see the tranquil spot get lost forever to the rising sea. Government reports have suggested that the village be "decommissioned" by 2045, with the process completed by 2055.
The Masiphumelele informal settlement is built on a wetland, so it floods regularly.
Over the past year, cities across the world have been buffeted by natural events. Floods ravaged the residents of Mumbai; and tropical storm Harvey left Houston underwater. Cape Town had its worst drought in over a century; and Shanghai, the world's most populous city, experienced its hottest day in recorded history.
With the uncertainty caused by Trump, Brexit, a bratty North Korea and a host of other important political issues, it is easy to lose sight of the existential threat to our way of life climate change represents. The more we remind ourselves that climate change is the generational issue of our time, the better.