Florence Nightingale

"I don't believe in gestures," says the prime minister.
Ministers prepare to extend furlough scheme as Westminster Abbey marks 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale.
Just in case you were concerned that things on Earth were getting a little tense recently, a giant asteroid has decided to
We seldom have to choose outright between a love life and a career these days: it's more a case of little daily compromises. Who takes a day off when a child is sick? Who puts their own work to one side to help their partner through a challenging deadline?
For many years, data visualisations have been transforming the way people see and understand data. Looking back at the history of data visualisation helps us in our work today.
Shakespeare once said "the education of circumstance is superior to that of tuition" and so when I am asked, as if often the case, about the perception and relevance of media studies compared with traditional subjects, I remain ambivalent.