Research published this year suggests that bouldering - rock climbing on artificial walls without a harness - is effective in fighting depression. After eight weeks of introductory climbing, symptoms of depression significantly decrease in adults.
Over the years, I've heard a lot about this place called 'The Meantime' - the place between that which has gone (ending of a relationship, job, project, phase of your life etc) and that which has yet to materialise - your next step 'up' on the ladder of life.
Finding your flow through activity is known to to be helpful for improved health and self-expression and so as a Health Recovery
The concept that writing could be hard did not resonate with me. I just assumed the people saying that were just not natural writers, had no ideas, or were evil wrong doers who were trying to grab the gold man out of my hand before I even knew what it was.
Is this really what we were born for? Is this really what life should be about? Of course, if you're lucky, you might have a job which is fulfilling, which suits your innate interests and skills, and which you find challenging and stimulating.
Almost everyone I have been speaking with this month has been experiencing some kind of challenge around letting go. Letting go of expectation, letting go of outcomes, letting go of an image of themselves, letting go of doing things in a certain way or like myself, letting go of being the doer. So as I contemplated my float down the river I began to see that it had some valuable lessons about letting go.
As his mind started to feel clearer, he found himself more motivated to attend professional events, to meet new people, to absorb interesting articles. This gave him more patience at work because it reminded him that he did have a future beyond his current role: he wasn't trapped. He was simply choosing to remain in his current job while he researched what came next.