Flowers Gallery

In the window of the gallery stands Balthasar (above), an interpretation of an image he found in a newspaper. To view it
Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has earned a worldwide reputation for his spectacular, large-form aerial pictures that depict the impact man has made on our natural and urban landscapes around the world.
Acclaimed South Korean photographer, Boomoon, was enchanted by a waterfall he discovered at Skogar in Iceland in 2015. Early
This year, following a joyous holiday in Wyoming, Hicks learnt that her father had become seriously ill, her son had taken
John Keane may have only been an official war artist for a matter of days when he was commissioned by the Imperial War Museum to record images from the Gulf War of August 1990. Yet, war, conflict and power have remained constant fascinations and resultant themes of his paintings ever since.
The new solo exhibition at the Flowers Gallery in Shoreditch, London, by the British artist Cedric Christie, displays an intellectual gravity not seen since the 60's, when artists of the calibre of Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Judd and Carl Andre, among many, developed the imagery that represents the collective memory of the 20th Century.