Floyd Shivambu

Sars and Julius Malema go way back.
'He isn’t telling Indians to go back home, but judging by the reactions on social media, that is the message his supporters are walking away with.'
The EFF's online army makes the Gupta bots look like amateurs.
Malema has once again accused the Indian community of treating black people badly.
Treasury has long ago broken the so-called 'cappuccino effect' — in which companies have a few black people on top (the cinnamon) on an otherwise white leadership (the cream), with black people being the coffee at the bottom.
As your power grows, does your responsibility?
His attack on Treasury official Ismail Momoniat is not the first incident of racism to put Floyd Shivambu in the spotlight – he has been both verbally and physically abusive before.
'The irony here is the same political party who were attacking the Guptas are now attacking people who defied the Guptas.'
Floyd Shivambu has tried to paint Treasury deputy director-general Ismail Momoniat as a corrupt person who undermines black people, but history tells a different story.
Floyd Shivambu attacked Momoniat for constantly appearing in Parliament instead of his 'African' counterparts, but some have questioned whether the EFF has an agenda.