Ever wondered how more years you've got on the clock? Well, unlike your ancestors, there are many diseases and health problems
The flu season has begun, parents have been warned, after an increase in the number of children aged five to 14 falling ill
Patients have been urged not to request antibiotics for coughs and colds due to an increasing resistance to treatments in
Whilst the jury might be out on how effective vitamin D is or isn't when it comes to seasonal colds and flu protection, be under no illusion that limping through winter in a vitamin D deficient state is likely to amplify the risk of a multitude of other serious health problems.
Britons are among the most unhealthy people to be around in the midst of a major flu outbreak, research suggests. Of five
A new oral antiseptic spray that is effective in killing 99.9% of infectious airborne germs could be the answer to fighting
If you are reaching for your handkerchief it might be too late to stop the spread of flu, research suggests. Flu and cold
Seal flu could pose a new threat to human health, scientists have warned. A new flu virus identified in American harbour
All children aged between two and 17 are to be given the flu vaccination after experts said it could save up to 2,000 lives
Severe influenza doubles the odds that a person will develop Parkinson's disease later in life, according to University of