Flu vaccination rates declined in more than 100 areas after the government scrapped the national awareness campaign, according
This summer's Olympics will increase the already "extreme" risk of a flu pandemic spreading in the UK, according to a new
The effects of antiviral drug Tamiflu - which was stockpiled by the Government at the height of the swine flu pandemic - are
So, today is Blue Monday, so called because, according to various "experts" it's the day in the year we are most likely to feel utterly miserable due to a combination of factors (money, weather, broken New Year resolutions...more on those later).
It's easy to take your immune system for granted, yet every day billions of cells patrol your body and repel invaders. Just like a large corporation, each member of your internal army has a different role.
Is it us, or is everyone suffering from the post-Christmas winter bug? If you're surrounded by a sea of sniffles, coughs
From the depletion in numbers at the office to the incessant sniffing and chorus of coughs on the bus, there is no escaping
I made the mistake of watching Contagion at the movies a couple weeks before having my flu jab. Never before have I been so acutely aware of the sniffles and stifled coughs of strangers sitting near me in the audience. Incredible, I thought, how one tiny little virus can cause such devastation.
Women may joke about 'man flu' but according to new research men really do suffer more when they have a cold. The study found
Winter colds and flu seem like a fact of life when season change, but they needn't be. Natural remedies and the right diet can minimise your misery and even help you sidestep the sniffles entirely.