Folk Music

Foy Vance stands out back in the yard of the Islington Assembly Halls and rolls a cigarette. It's two hours before showtime and he's in a ruminative mood. 'When I was a kid, singing was second nature to me,' he says, as we clink bottle necks
CHART TOPPERS As if we ever doubted him, David Bowie has scored his first number one album in 20 years with a record that
This Patrick's Day, remember there's more to Ireland than the stereotypes of potatoes, drink, and leprechauns (all of which we will still happily sell to you). With a population of just about 4.5 million, we also punch well above our weight in terms of musical talent. Here are ten Irish acts that burst with talent.
If her single is anything to go by then expect even more from this folk friendly female when she releases her EP 'My Enemy' this summer.
This musical gem is a bright and subtly powerful song that creeps up on you and fills you with joy and hope. It naturally transcends you into the story of the song and embraces you with positivity and happiness.
'Hey Ho''s pied-piper style video goes one step further, trying to preach to us about their perfect vision of the world (presumably one where The Lumineers plays on repeat) combined with their correct form of escapism and emancipation from the bitter 9-5 work day.
'We're a gigging band in Scotland,' Andy Clucas tells me. 'We started as an acoustic band back in the winter of 2007, and a lot of people told us we had a Dexys [Midnight Runners] sound, probably because our sound is...eclectic.'
When Dylan's Time out of Mind came out in 1997 you could tell it had a different kind of electricity; lightning bolts instead of dim bulbs. Such a turnaround in creative endeavour was a long time in coming, but you knew it would come.
Fifty years ago today, Bob Dylan released his debut album, Bob Dylan. Since then, endless artists, writers, musicians, and