Food Festivals

Feast Collective at Camp Bestival As anyone who watched the whole world go off to Glastonbury whilst they sat at home crying
In September, for the first time, the Channel Island of Guernsey hosts its own International Food Festival, highlighting the island's delicious local produce and unique dishes, with cook-offs, culinary demonstrations and food tours.
After the dry month of January had faded - and with it the nation's annual attempt at sobriety - I wrote about a number of craft distilleries on the London doorstep. It became something of an enjoyable learning curve, as I ginned up on the social carnage of the Gin Craze of the early 18th century and beyond.
Summer is almost over, and the nights are looming ever nearer: when September rolls round, many of us are already seeking to escape the onslaught of a British autumn. But whether you're in the mood for a short city break, or fancy a longer, luxurious getaway, why not make the most of the September harvest while on holiday?
I've been to Rotterdam a number of times, usually for art or jazz, but I always make time to visit its vibrant food markets and restaurants. The fact that it's a port means that all sorts of people come and go but many stay and have a major influence on the food culture of the city.
The first long weekend in May was the ideal time to visit one of our favourite English towns as it was the launch of four festivals which run throughout the month until early June - the Brighton arts Festivals.
For most people drinking a cold beer, going to the cinema or playing a sport is how they relax after a hard day at work. However
With less than two weeks to go until the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic games, the international media, sports fans and a larger than usual cohort of tourists are starting to make their descent on our fair capital.
This Spring I had the great fortune of being invited to cook at the International Gourmet festival in Thailand organized by the Amari hotel group in Pattaya; where I spent a week cooking alongside three international chefs from France, Australia and Hong Kong.
Revelers ran around, chasing each other through the streets of Bunol, a village near Valencia in Spain, on Wednesday. Every