food labels

It turns out, you don't actually need a degree in nutrition...
Adding more labels to grocery products, while representing an intuitive and reasonably cost-effective way to communicate nutrition information to consumers, is not without its fair share of weaknesses however.
Following feedback from customers calling for a universal labelling scheme on all food and drink products, Coca-Cola has
In a bid to tackle the growing obesity crisis in the UK, a new front-of-pack food label is being rolled out to enable shoppers
The government is introducing a new style of food labelling in order to help supermarket shoppers make healthy choices. So
You are what you eat -- as long as you know what you’re eating A new study suggests that women who read the labels on their
Keeping track of how many calories and fat in our lunch would be easier if popular high-street sandwich brands clearly labelled
Long-standing ‘freeze on the day of purchase’ food guidelines are being changed by Sainsbury’s as they relax their rules