Food Rationing

1954; not only the year I landed on this planet, but also the year that food rationing in post war Britain finally ended. 60 years later (shhh... don't tell anyone) with the myriad of food related illness and problems that are in the news every day, I wonder whether we're any better off now than then?
For many of us living in the West the word poverty normally conjures up images of far flung lands in sub-Saharan Africa or Asia. Often it is images of malnourished children with naked torsos and indented ribcages in drought-ridden surroundings.
Britain is the seventh richest nation in the world yet we face a growing epidemic of hidden hunger, particularly in children. The reality of parents unable to feed their children is one of the starkest examples of the squeeze on living standards faced by many British families.
Scotland's poorest people are facing food shortages akin to Second World War rationing, a charity has said. Pensioners and