So with wedding season well and truly in full swing, what culinary delights are being dished out (from hipster food trucks, garnering their own hashtag or just generally delighting guests) up and down the country this year?
Decadent desserts are all the rage right now and we're so proud to be in such good company. As female foodpreneurs we know first-hand how tough it can be launching a food business so we want to shout out our Top 10 up and coming foodie talent and the amazing women creating show stopping ice creams, cupcakes and macarons you need to try right now.
Easter is a great time for food lovers. If all the chocolate isn't enough, there's also the promise of spring in the air, and lighter dishes as an antidote to the heavier winter warmers. With that said, here are eight ideas for days over Easter for you to enjoy.
Last weekend I ventured out of Newcastle-under-Lyme to the big city. No, not Manchester or Birmingham, but that London. I tied on my money belt, and packed my How-to-Talk-to-Southerners phrase book. That London's got a lot fancier, and busier, since I left in 2001 for the bright lights of New York.
Like most people I love the idea of shopping locally. The thing is it has to provide additional benefits other than just a warm fuzzy feeling. I expect good customer service, I like to find products that I can't find in the big box shops, and I don't mind spending a little extra to find something unique.
An amble through the trendier streets of East London will lead you towards a sustainable food revolution. Today, the area once popular with hawkers and those with interesting social narratives, is now a haven to environmentally switched-on foodies.
This has to be one of my favourite dishes that I ever created! A one-pot wonder, infused with Mediterranean flavours. Serve straight from oven to table...
On one hand, our food culture is thriving like never before. On the other, for or many of us, food is a source of anxiety rather than nourishment and pleasure. It's evolved into a controversial 'thing' to either obsess over or give zero f***s about while stuffing your face and arteries with yet another unhappy meal at the drive-through.
Do you feel intimidated in the lunchroom when your pretentious foodie co-worker digs kimchi out of a bento box and frowns upon your sad ham sandwich and crisps? There is no need to be downcast.
We Scots don't have the best reputation when it comes to what we put into our bodies. It is said that smoke too much, take too little exercise, and that what most of us eat and drink would make our French and Italian comrades wince.