Football fails

Besnik Hasi is the manager of Belgian football team RSC Anderlecht. His team beat Charleroi 1-0 on Sunday - but Hasi didn't
A collection of the worst missed penalty shots, terrible corner throws and much much more. Because the beautiful game isn't
Erm, we think Will Smith should stick to acting. And rapping. In London to promote his new movie 'After Earth' with his son
There are goals that are scored by balls flying majestically halfway across a pitch. There are goals that are scored by balls
This little video only lasts 17 seconds, but like a mini-movie, it's got suspense, drama and... release. Yes, we've seen
Signs That It Might Not Be The Perfect Conditions To Take A Corner Kick, No. 5: You can see your reflection in the water
Competitive dads! We'd like the video above to act as a stern reminder of the accepted etiquette rules when playing football