Football Fans

Wenger may have lost his winning mentality, but he is by no means deluded or clueless as some have stated. He is by far one of the smartest men in football and whilst Arsenal fans reserve the right to protest, the team's manager does not deserve to be so regularly insulted by those he has served so loyally for two decades.
The attendance on Saturday of 4255 was Crawley's biggest since the 2014/15 season and is simple proof that when the people at the top of organisations, take a step back from the corporate world and occasionally adopt some common sense, you get a response from people - that response being an increase of fans turning up at the turnstiles.
Watford Football Club one of the country's top football clubs, has admitted that it will not meet a promise made by the Premier League that all of its stadiums will meet access standards by August 2017.
When the extent of violence you have witnessed is an Irishman trying to impale Red Devils with their own inflatable tridents and you've spent the day dancing with people you have never met while singing the OG lyrics of Gala "Freed From Desire," where Will Grigg isn't on fire and no one's defence is terrified yet you start to realise these fans transcend the game of football for the better....
Chelsea Football Club has said it is prepared to ban fans who prevented a black man getting onto a train in Paris before
Modern professional football is governed by money, sadly more so than anything else. Where the margins between success and failure can be minimal, Premier League clubs need to do everything they can to increase revenue to compete at the highest level... Fans are being exploited by their clubs, but the clubs can't afford to stop. There seems no way out.
For Football fans the 'Modi Operandi' appears to be simple; You are born, you choose a team to support (or inherit the family
"Going down with pride" was the fans riposte, emblazoned on t-shirts. Continuing down into the fourth tier of English football for the first time since 1978, the club even skirted close to extinction. Yet finally, it seems a ray of hope has sprung from the club and it's all thanks to the Pompey Supporters Trust.
The only way the Women's game can be 'as good as the male game' is to treat it with the same respect rather than as a completely different sport. Of course the way the women play strategically is different, but it's still football!
Living about 6,000 miles away from the Boleyn is one of the harder separations I've had to make to live in San Francisco. And it doesn't matter how many Red Sox games I go to, there is just no replacement for being at home when the season starts.