Football Fans

An England football fan is being questioned by police in connection with a fight that reportedly left a man in a coma, the
This week, there was promising progress in the ongoing battle for football fans to get their voices heard. After mammoth efforts from organisations such as Supporters' Direct and the Football Supporters' Federation, as well as individual fans, the Culture, Media and Sport select committee have recommended what is surely obvious - that supporters' opinions deserve to be heard.
All this talk of justice for the dead fans of 1989 would be more convincing if the people doing it - politicians, police, respectable commentators - weren't now at the forefront of depicting working-class football fans as troublemakers, possibly even scum, who must be regulated and monitored ad infinitum.
Some of you may have seen this YouTube video clip of desperate football fans taking matters into their own hands earlier
After a gallery showcasing the female fans at Euro 2012 became a back of the net success on Twitter, it was only a matter
MPs will today discuss whether football fans should be given more of a say in how their clubs are run. The 30-minute debate
This year, my firm helped another historic football club, Plymouth Argyle to survive. At times I thought we would have to admit defeat. Without doubt it was the most challenging rescue of my career.
Police and prosecutors have warned football fans that there is "no excuse" for committing domestic abuse, ahead of this weekend's
PRESS ASSOCIATION A Premier League football club has said it will take the "strongest possible action" after a pitch invasion