Forced marriage

In India we witness the horrific killings of two teenage girls and far too many reports of random, senseless rapes. Lives are being devastated, families torn asunder, communities shattered. Enough. Time to raise our game, raise our gaze and raise our children. Properly...
The seeds of most charities are sown in the soil of personal experience. In the case of Karma Nirvana, the charity that helpswomen
We acknowledge putting an end to forced marriage is a difficult task, with many challenges - not least, coordinating concerted action across several continents. But the message from the UK government is clear - forced marriage is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
There are statistics, news stories and articles everywhere about women made ashamed and guilty by secrets: singledom, childlessness, genital mutilation, forced marriage, physical or sexual or emotional abuse, menstrual conditions, the size and shape of their labia...The list goes on.
Around the world it is estimated that one billion women and girls are subject to abuse. That is a horrifying thought and we want to support the "One Billion Rising" campaign to raise awareness of this and help to halt this abuse.
Around 45 percent of women in the UK have experienced some form of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, according to the Everyday Sexism Project, or that the UK comes 57th in the world for gender equality and political representation.
Three terrified women hostages were held in "an ordinary house in an ordinary street", according to a charity involved in
A judge has said he is powerless to help a 14-year-old Muslim girl who says she was taken to Pakistan by her father and forced
The human trafficking industry - already the most profitable international criminal enterprise after the drugs and arms trades - is posting higher profits than ever. In 2005, UN estimated that it was a $32billion per year industry, based on International Labor Organization estimates that 20.9 million people suffered from forced slavery.
The phenomenon of forcing young girls to marry hasn't stopped and we hear sad stories every day. We want that to change - and believe that change is within our grasp... Women shouldn't have to be victims. I suffered domestic violence but now I'm speaking out. I refuse to live under the ruins of my past.