Forced marriage

As far as attention-grabbing headlines go, forced marriage must surely be up there with the best of them. The two words alone form a neat juxtaposition that encapsulates the extremes of humanity; to force is to subjugate, to remove one's right of choice, to violate one's individuality.
Forced marriage is "little more than slavery", David Cameron said as the government announced plans to make it a criminal
Parents who force their children to marry will face jail under new laws, the Home Secretary will announce tomorrow. Theresa
Plans to crack down on forced marriage will be announced by Home Secretary Theresa May this week, amid speculation that it
Race crime has been in the headlines again. This time, two reports of men from predominantly Muslim communities, sexually exploiting and raping underage white girls.
As NATO troops prepare to withdraw, we must recognise that the real work in Afghanistan and Pakistan has just begun.
Last week, the Home Office closed their three-month consultation on the criminalisation of forced marriage. When I initially posted the consultation document in the Facebook group for my organisation, British Muslims for Secular Democracy, there were cries of shock that forced marriage was not already a criminal offence. The right to choose who you will live with, sleep with, eat with and possibly raise children with, for the rest of your life, is as basic a right as they come. Violations of this right are not only disastrous for the individuals involved, but they undermine values that are fundamental to British society and Islam itself.
Hundreds of British children, some as young as five yeas old, are being forced into arranged marriages according to a report
Today is International Women's Day and for me it has already gotten off to quite the start. I opened the London Stock Exchange this morning alongside 49 other UK businesswomen, which showcased the talent and success of women in this country.
There are at least 5,000 to 8,000 cases of forced marriage in England and the number of reported cases is rising every year