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A petition for a second EU Referendum signed by more than four million people has been turned down by the Government. The
Statement follows arrest of man who allegedly planned 15 attacks on tournament.
Fans travelling to Euro 2016 have been warned to be vigilant with the Foreign Office saying "stadiums, fan zones, venues
We face the usual mid-year Mediterranean crisis. There is a new government in Libya, but organised criminals and traffickers - as well as terrorist groups - are still in full control of the most dangerous migration route available for people desperate enough to risk it.
We are now only a month away from either euphoric victory or embarrassing failure, as the England team gets ready to hop across the channel alongside thousands of British football fans to compete in this years Euros. But are you all set and on the ball?
There are many more examples that demonstrate that we live in a world where the actions of our Government can be used to justify the erosion of rights and the crushing of criticism and dissent. The UK mustn't indulge in further episodes of bad-example setting. Here it should take on board Mr Kiai's findings and aim to find solutions that navigate between the security of the state and its citizens, whilst enshrining and protect their freedoms of association and assembly.
The Foreign Office has issued a new warning for British LGBT travellers visiting parts of the United States in light of laws
So I've put together a guide that will ensure you have everything you need to deal with every kind of emergency and how to survive the sweltering car temperatures, the karaoke singing and just how to tackle those tolls...