We call upon all Muslim students to carry on being the drivers of change and a source of good for our communities. Let us carry on building relationships and not allowing creeping hate to enter our world.
We as FOSIS, alongside the NUS Black Students' Campaign, Defend the Right to Protest, and the University and College Union (UCU) have organised the Students Not Suspects Tour across the UK, trying to bring about awareness surrounding Prevent.
Tributes are being paid to the president of Britain's largest Muslim student society after he drowned in a freak swimming
Police have released CCTV of the woman just before the attack She was due to graduate from her English language course in
What is Islamophobia? It is an irrational fear and hatred of Muslims categorized as an identifiable group. Islamophobia is becoming an 'elephant in the room' - it is an actual phenomenon that has gained significant momentum in Europe over the last decade.
For many young Muslims who are new at university, that type of fun may not be quite your cup of tea. Navigating your way through university whilst having fun and making the most of the endless opportunities is something that, as a Muslim, isn't always obviously clear...
Islamic student societies have been under the spotlight after Theresa May announced a crackdown on campus "radicalism" following
Sadly the Woolwich atrocity has been followed up by a wave of anti-Muslim violent extremism - a mosque that was petrol bombed last night is just one of many violent attacks on mosques, Muslims and their property in Britain.
As a Muslim, I appreciated and acknowledged the need for Muslim organisations to rightly condemn the actions that took place this week but disagreed with both organisations reaffirming the need to distance Islam's true teachings from the individual who attacked the soldier.
Student Rights is seeking to police, not 'protect' students and its activities should be seen as part of the 'Cold War on British Muslims'. Its activities feed into an increasingly entrenched discourse of Islamophobia endorsed by much of the government and mainstream media. Universities should be wary of its lobbying efforts, the media should interrogate its misleading research and FOSIS should be commended for standing up to its bullying.