In a tweet sharing the audio clip, the 53-year-old added: “We have 3,000 suspected terrorists living in the UK & 23,000 people
Our campaign to ban glue traps and take the cruelty out of wildlife management has already enjoyed support from wildlife
Sky claims few were watching but Labour heaps criticism on the move as Fox takeover bid looms
Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has poured scorn on Sky’s snap decision to take Fox News off air in the UK.  21st Century
I'm honoured to represent a party that has consistently and unwaveringly defended animals. Compassion for animals is in the Green Party's DNA. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with animal advocates across Britain as we face a challenging future.
Uh oh, here we go again - another urban fox on the attack story. This time though it was a dog that fell afoul of the savage
Therese Coffey said during the debate that Britain has the highest animal welfare standards in the world. When it comes to snares, that's utter nonsense - we're practically alone in Europe when it comes to allowing their use. I believe that it's time for the Government to back up those words with action. It's time for a ban on snares.
Austen has since tweeted: “I made a terrible mistake. I was in an environment where I was trying to be funny and make a joke
Snapchat users are heavy creators​ and lenses helps them add levity to their messages and stories. One early SnapChat adopter Taco Bell recently used it to interact with its SnapChat audience. The company sponsored a Lens that meant users could turn their heads into giant tacos.