frances andrade

All of us in the criminal justice world have to work together now to make sure that there never is another death, like that of Frances Andrade, who died in circumstances that point to it being very nearly a direct consequence of becoming a witness in a sexual abuse case and finding it unbearable.
The terrible commonality in all of these abuse cases is that children were afraid to speak out or did not think they would be believed. In Rochdale when victims did initially speak out, we now know they were not believed, and because of this some children continued to be abused.
So why should rape and sexual assault be treated differently? Either we have faith in our justice system, or we don't... By protecting defendants, what are we saying about our confidence in the evidence presented - which includes the reliability of the witnesses involved?
If this 48 year old renowned and successful violinist supposedly found cross-examination too much - how are younger children supposed to cope? If perpetrators are to be prevented from getting away with such crimes for such extended periods, we need a legal system that offers children a fair chance in court.
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