Frances O’Grady

It will be another century before women get paid the same as men, experts say. The Fawcett Society, which lobbies for women’s
Unfortunately, whether it was a case of wouldn't or couldn't, the prime minister hasn't kept her promises to working people. The proposal to put workers on boards has been abandoned, real wages are still falling in both the private and public sectors, and working people are in the teeth of another living standards crisis. And despite all that, the government is still pursuing an extreme Brexit that will only compound the problems in our economy. So when ministers say they're building a country that works for everyone - why should we believe them? The evidence simply doesn't bear it out.
Union chief also ripped into PM for dumping the workers on boards policy, saying Tory voters support it.
If you work hard, you should be able to feed yourself and your family. In 21st Century Britain, that shouldn't be up for debate. But a shocking new TUC/GQR poll shows that one in eight workers in this country are skipping meals to make ends meet. And 44% - almost half - are worried about meeting basic household expenses, such as food, transport and energy.
Donald Trump will face huge-scale protests organised by the five-million-member TUC if he takes up Theresa May’s invite to
When Becky's daughter became very ill on a Saturday evening, she brought her to A&E. The nine-month-old was diagnosed with tonsillitis and an infection in both ears. The next day, which happened to be Father's Day, Becky had to miss work to look after her little girl. But when she went back on Monday her manager accused her of lying so that she could take Father's Day off. Becky is one of thousands of young parents who simply aren't getting the support they deserve at work.
Mums and dads are dipping into holiday and sick leave to look after their children.
Low-paid parents are being penalised by their boss for trying to fit childcare around irregular hours, a new study has found
'If you cheat staff out of the minimum wage, your reputation will be dragged through the mud.'
Argos is being forced to pay £1.4m in wages after it emerged it underpaid more than 12,000 workers.  The Government has named