Frances O’Grady

Britain's economic recovery is akin to Groundhog Day as chancellor George Osborne is making the same errors as before the
Top executives will have earned more money by mid-morning today than the average worker does in a year, making it "fat cat
The critics of austerity have been proved right. The OBR confirm today what we already knew - the recovery is at least two years behind schedule. The Chancellor has failed to meet the objective he set of a rebalanced economy growing enough through exports and investment to close the deficit by the time of the next election.
Union money is the "cleanest cash in politics," the new head of the TUC will argue today in a direct challenge to David Cameron
Top business chiefs are enjoying "platinum-plated" pensions of nearly £260,000 a year, equivalent to 25 times that of the
Temp agency staff are failing to receive equal pay in the UK, trade unions have warned. The TUC is complaining to the European
Train fares are set for another inflation-busting rise as they will soar by an average of 4.1% from January, the Office for
David Cameron and his fellow ministers are trying to "brainwash" the public into backing cuts that undermine health and safety
The leader of the TUC has urged the Labour Party to break with "new Labour managerialism" and show a different approach ahead
Of course there are no quick fixes, silver bullets or magic wands - choose your cliche - that can secure immediate rescue. But simply stopping making things worse as the government's austerity programme continues to do would be a good start.