Francesca Newman-Young

If you've watched series four of Made In Chelsea, you might remember a ski trip to Verbier. If you look closely you'll spot pure terror - and some tears - in my eyes when I was forced to ski. Big thanks to a very patient crew (and to Francis Boulle who was even worse than me).
I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of How To Be Single with my other half, walking just meters away from its fabulous female cast; Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie and, of course, Rebel on the pink carpet.
After upsetting Binky, I was ostracised from the girl group and felt like I had no one to turn to other than Alex and Jamie for advice. It wasn't a malicious action. It wasn't a back-stabbing or two-faced decision. When Alex and Binky were together I was disgusted at the way he behaved.
Well last night got heated! Not one, not two, but three people crying (and I'm not a pretty crier). So why did I stay in Sam's bed that night? I didn't think it was a problem as I thought Sam and I were good enough friends and I didn't know about Tiff. In hindsight, it wasn't the best idea. Time machine anyone?
I've been out of Chelsea for some time, but if you saw last night's episode you know that's all about to change. Whilst I've been away Alik and Louise's relationship has had a few, erm, hiccups.
The Chelsea bunch are now all back in London and with the return of series 8 comes the return of our very own heartthrob, Andy Jordan. He makes it clear to, well, everyone that he is "gutted" that Louise has found herself a new beau.
As Spencer promised, he wasn't giving up on Billie, and it couldn't have turned out better for him. Stevie is totally besotted by his former lover Stephanie and when he eventually gets round to telling Billie she is not best pleased. She tells him, "I'm not some girl you use to get over your ex".
In this week's episode the group return from their South African trip. Binky urges me to reconcile with Phoebe and, after much thought, I decide it's the right thing to do. It wasn't an easy choice. Even though I may have made the initial mistake, we had both treated each other badly. Apologising is never easy...
In this week's episode Louise's younger brother Sam gave me a little surprise. Yep, a 'Frantastic' mixtape with his naked body on the front of it. Wow. I mean, wow. Unfortunately for Sam I had already worked out that it was better for us to remain friends, but was I going to return his little gift? Hell, no!
Binky and I have moved in together and it's been amazing. We have a lot of fun... too much fun. Admittedly, I was a little surprised by Alex wondering around in extremely skimpy boxers, but there has been no awkwardness since Alex has learned to wear trousers around the house.