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Campaigners say it is wrong for MPs to get free television licences - as 180,000 people are prosecuted for not paying theirs
Anti-fracking protesters have blockaded the headquarters of energy company Cuadrilla and PR firm Bell Pottinger, while others
I have been part of many debates on gender diversity in corporate boardrooms. Although there is a long road ahead, one small step in the right direction is that the issue is now more firmly fixed in the minds of shareholders, employers and employees. And I hope events like last week will be a catalyst for greater interest and awareness of our public boards and equal appointments to them. It's a promising start that number of women taking up public appointments is increasing across Whitehall.
You only have to observe the trending topics on Twitter when political events like the Queen's Speech, a Budget or another major act of law is being debated in the Commons, to see how engaged the public is. Large organisations are already accessing this information.
The Prime Minister should be given the power to appoint the most senior civil servants who run Whitehall departments, a Government
Civil service mandarins have had a tough time recently. Many government ministers have seen civil servants as obstacles to their plans rather than team players and the media has taken Whitehall to task over pay, perks and benefits.
Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has defended the spending on Baroness Thatcher's funeral, saying it will cost "much
Downing Street has said it would "pretty extraordinary" if Margaret Thatcher was not given the expensive and large ceremonial
Let's be honest. Burma isn't the first country that comes to mind when one talks about open government. Yet despite its ongoing challenges, Burma has made huge strides towards reform and openness in the past few years.
The Tory-led government have broken their promise to deliver a more efficient and effective government. Time after time they have got the figures wrong, from the economy to their ICT strategy they have failed in basic arithmetic. The Tories evidently need a refresher course in adding and subtraction.