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Despite a challenging fiscal situation, the current government has committed over a billion dollars of new funding to an office set up to promote cyber security. Like our American counterparts, we recognise that strong policy in this area is both a national security priority.
Britain's online defences will be bolstered with a new force of "cyber reservists" in the face of growing concerns over the
Cabinet minister Francis Maude was left red-faced on Thursday after scores of civil servants walked out in protest over his
So what is It is a single government domain and is the amalgamation of Directgov and Business Link (and very soon some of the hundreds of departmental sites that are not only sapping scarce government resources but also making it too hard for the user to find what they want).
This conference has surely been the conference of old Conservative values and a message to the country: we are still Conservative and we are still ready to fight!
Trade union representatives in the Civil Service are to face new curbs on the amount of time they can devote to union activities
Twelve months ago, the UK was one of eight national governments that founded the Open Government Partnership, a powerful new international organisation dedicated to the promotion of transparency and openness. Today, the UK is taking over as leading co-chair of the partnership, which now includes 57 member states or a third of the world's population.
The government is considering giving ministers the power to hire and fire top civil servants in a radical shake up that could
The publication of data as part of the Government's transparency agenda should be accessible and easily understood by all
Beneath the blue silk ties, Savile Row suits and faux bonhomie, tribal hatreds threaten to consume sections of the leadership of the Conservative party. Flashes of the venom occasionally spill over into the public domain.