francis maude

Francis Maude says it's time for politicians to embrace technology - and even take home their red boxes on disks. "We need
The days of ministers lugging round heavy Red Boxes filled with official papers could finally be coming to an end. Cabinet
The GMB is the latest union to back strike action on November 30th, it has been announced. Results released this afternoon
Public sector workers would be allowed to down tools for a 15-minute protest without losing pay if trade unions call off
A winter of strike action by more than a million public sector workers is poised to move a step closer. The walkouts would
Ministers are locked in an extraordinary power battle with Britain's most senior civil servant over the scandal of taxpayer
PRESS ASSOCIATION-- The Government saved £3.75 billion in less than a year by cutting jobs, axing projects and reining in
David Cameron’s Big Society Bank was launched on Friday with £600m to invest in charities and social enterprises. Now named
Then economies of scale clearly dictate that SMEs wouldn't be bidding for contracts worth £1.4billion, those figures are only for the big firms. But big firms need revenue or they will shrink to smaller entities, so they have to make a decision 'do we just land one big fish or lots of little ones?'
This is not a fight we picked. But the government has been rumbled and its central argument destroyed, so it is a fight we are prepared to have if ministers continue to ignore the facts and threaten everything for which public servants have ever worked.