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Comedian Frankie Boyle came out fighting over his tax arrangements on Saturday after they were called into question. The
The historic handshake between The Queen and former IRA-commander Martin McGuinness has been met with a huge range of reactions
Frankie Boyle has been condemned after criticising 2,100 schoolchildren who formed the Olympic rings to raise money for charity
Today I read a story regarding comedian Ross Noble who has been criticised for taking the p*ss out of a disabled audience member's laugh. The disabled person, Luke Roberts, then went to the newspapers with his family to complain about it.
Next week, Tim Clark, from comedy news website Such Small Portions, is heading off to one of the most unique comedy festivals
If you've got the best relatives ever and are therefore in receipt of Amazon gift vouchers this Christmas, and not ill-fitting
It's not funny, Frankie Boyle, if Rebecca Adlington has a face like a spoon. It's funny because none of us care even slightly if she is hurt by the joke - because she's famous, she can take it.
A charity chief is calling on police to prosecute Frankie Boyle under the Obscene Publications Act. Brendan McConville wants
I read in the papers the other day that Frankie Boyle has been given another comedy show by Channel Four. My first reaction was - Why? He's an absolutely horrible man.
Ronnie Corbett has blasted modern day comedians' jokes as “gross” and overly reliant on toilet humour. The 80-year-old TV