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'They’re going to go into a leadership election asking their members to, essentially, abandon hope'
The already tumultuous Labour Party leadership race has now been painted in even more bleak and rueful colours by Frankie
'Theresa May is our second Prime Minister with the outer carapace of a human female'
Frankie Boyle has trained his sights on Prime Minister Theresa May’s new cabinet in a column for the Guardian… which you
Frankie Boyle has provided a succinct and devastating analysis of the state of British politics at the moment which, given
'We’ve focussed on what unites us, which, sadly is hatred'
In a sadly prescient tweet on Tuesday, Boyle issued a bleak prediction of what Britain may look like if it votes for Brexit
Funny man Frankie Boyle has turned his focus to the EU referendum in his latest column for the Guardian. Britain’s politicians