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Are we witnessing a return to the bad old days of British comedy? This week found the impressionist Rory Bremner criticising
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We do love a good Twitter spat here at HuffPost Celeb and this week's comes courtesy of 'X Factor' finalist James Arthur
I respect a person's right to hold any opinion, even if I don't respect the opinion itself. Which means Frankie Boyle's repertoire of jokes about Madeleine McCann, BabyP, Katie Price's disabled son Harvey and children with Down's Syndrome don't send me into paroxysms of rage.
There is a serious trend for rape jokes in comedy clubs. On an average night, you'll hear the word "rape" more often than "David Cameron", "the NHS" or "Mitt Romney".
Comedian Frankie Boyle has won more than £50,000 damages after a jury ruled he had been libelled by the Daily Mirror. Boyle
Banning any jokes about anything is a bad idea. Trying to get comedy club owners to ban comedians who (they believe) tell or have told or may tell 'rape jokes' is not just a bad idea, it is actively dangerous. Where does the censorship end?
Frankie Boyle has accused the Government of being responsible for bigoted views in Britain, saying "there is racism at the
Comedian Frankie Boyle has defended his right to use words such as "n*****" when "ridiculing" racism after suing a tabloid