Frankie Cocozza

There is not long at all to wait before a whole new host of famous people - or, at least, people who once slept with a footballer
Former 'X Factor' star Frankie Cocozza has had a dig at Tulisa on Twitter about her recent arrest for allegedly setting up
Former 'X Factor' contestant Frankie Cocozza has found himself in trouble with police after allegedly failing to pay for
Former 'X Factor' contestant Frankie Cocozza has gone on a bit of a rant about the show that made him famous - labelling
If you thought you'd heard the last from Frankie Cocozza think again, he's still bleating on about how the 'X Factor' screwed
Frankie Cocozza has hit out at 'The X Factor', claiming producers of the show set him up as a 'bad boy' to create headlines
'X Factor' bad boy Frankie Cocozza's musical career appeared to be over when he was unceremoniously given the boot from the
The X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan has thanked fans for their support after calling it a day on the show due to ill health
What a lucky fella. Taking to Twitter, Jamie said: "I'm going to be giving @FrankieCocozza a new restyle today. The mop is
A 14-year-old boy has pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of a former X Factor star's best friend. The teenager, who cannot