Fred Goodwin

Though it's never yet been run, I wish somebody could start up a popularity contest to decide, once and for all, who is The
Here's a question. Three months ago, had you heard of Cecil the Lion? I certainly hadn't, and I doubt that many, outside of the Oxford-based group that studied him, would have been able to pick him out of a watering-hole police line-up. The digital news revolution is characterised by this sort of story.
Russell Brand has received a brutally hilarious tongue-lashing after a protest which saw an irate City worker miss his lunch
Business leaders! Want to know what the general public think of you? Thanks to Google, you can. Simply type in your own name
The home of disgraced former Royal Bank of Scotland chief Fred Goodwin has vanished from Google Street View, just weeks after
On the day that Royal Bank of Scotland announced a bonus payout to it's staff of £588million in spite of an operating loss of £8.24billion, one had to wonder if any lessons were really learnt from the mess that was left after the banking crash only a few years ago...
Energy giants are facing a crisis of trust that could leave them as publicly disgraced as the banking industry was after
On October 24th 2008, the UK economy started to contract in the first sign of the recession taking hold. This came as the
The Royal Bank Of Scotland revealed today that New Zealander Ross McEwan would take over from Yorkshireman Stephen Hester
According to the Daily Mail Callie Rogers, Britain's youngest lottery winner, is broke but happy. I've been broke. I was not happy.