Free education

"When I took this decision in 2017, it was already three years late," Zuma said in the lecture, broadcast live on eNCA.
But students have to fulfil strict criteria to get the money.
"Only 5 percent of African and coloured young people in South Africa successfully complete university."
"Free" is ambiguous, because it covers only selected components and not the full cost of this level of education.
Dlamini wants charges of assault and public violence against him and other #FeesMustFall accused dropped because he can't afford advocate Dali Mpofu's fees
Zuma’s rushed unilateral decision ignored all sensible views that it can’t be done in the way he is proposing.
Thousands of prospective students are still queuing to register at Unisa after the university re-opened applications.
The university kept the gates closed, allowing entry to only 20 students at a time, in order to prevent a stampede.
The EFF sets the agenda and the ANC eventually gets on board, EFF leader Julius Malema said.
At the core of the education ecosystem must be the idea that African problems require African solutions.