Free education

Free education plan explained by the CEO of the Centre for Emerging Researchers.
Free education is not a cost to the state, because SA will, in fact, make money from free higher education, says JZ's fee-free 'architect'.
The CEO of the Centre for Emerging Researchers believes investment in free education by the state will make the state money in the long run.
"The announcement was reckless and has produced a crisis of the ANC’s own making."
"Free education will ultimately help boost South Africa's economy and assist in ensuring that we have a qualified and skilled workforce across all sectors of industry."
ANCYL spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize says 'there is nothing new' about what the EFF is calling for.
He says free education would, however, ensure that the youth became more employable and less reliant on government grants.
Universities South Africa has warned potential students not to just walk into universities and try to apply on registration day.
UCT students want clarity from the president urgently, to avoid further protests in the 2018 academic year.
"There has to be a concrete plan on how infrastructure within higher education and training sectors is going to happen."