Free education

"Having amended the definition of poor and working-class students, the government will now introduce fully subsidised free higher education and training for poor and working-class South African undergraduate students, starting in 2018."
The ANC Youth League says government must "work tirelessly" to make free higher education a reality.
“Michael didn’t necessarily oppose the idea of free education, but he wouldn’t stand for the interference in the budget process.
Mzobe and Masutha are symbols of the president’s predilection for kitchen cabinets where policy is decided outside of formal government structures.
President Zuma reportedly wanted to announce a R40-billion free higher education plan on Tuesday.
A report says Zuma has defied Treasury and the Heher Commission and will announce free higher education soon.
According to the university, the Western Cape High Court granted the urgent application on Monday.
Although South Africa spends a considerable amount on education, its expenditure on higher education is lower than desirable.
In recent years, the SACP has represented the working classes as well as the ANC Women's League represents women.
HuffPost SA publishes an exclusive extract from the Fallists' book on the Fees Must Fall movement.