free market capitalism

Jeremy Corbyn has made the Labour party more democratic - now he needs to take the next step to make the country's electoral system more representative of the nation's views. Our first past the post electoral system is not fit for purpose and its time we moved to some form of proportional representation.
Russell Brand and professor David Graeber have called for the debts of "ordinary people" to be cancelled in an impassioned
If we are ever to have a hope of rebalancing the books, meeting the future costs of the NHS, and satisfying our pension liabilities we need to look beyond capitalism. It's served a fortunate few well, but it has failed the majority. It's time to bury it alongside socialism and look for a better successor to both.
What's needed isn't bestselling feminism, or even radical feminism, but an ethical humanism more radical than feminism. A movement that actually demands change of the existing cultures and tries to get every human to act towards it, rather than the sort of change that inspires people to buy a different brand of beauty product.
Free-market (neo-liberal) capitalism has been the dominant type of capitalism for the last three decades; it failed spectacularly to predict the 2008 global economic crash, the second largest economic crisis in history, after the great depression.
Profiteering by the energy companies is no longer a moral issue it is quite literally an issue of life and death for the most vulnerable in society, currently facing the winter with the dread of people who've just been handed a death sentence. Each year over 7,000 people perish in Britain as a direct result of fuel poverty. This is before the most recent price hike.
Voting Ukip in any election will do nothing to solve the problems of the UK. But voting for the Conservatives or the Lib Dems will equally have little effect. Labour are closest to a progressive alternative to the economic status quo, but their message remains confused and poorly communicated.
The Bolivian uprisings and the increasing realisation that climate change was affecting our environment was the spark of what became a new form of activism. One that sprang to life thanks to the plans of a foreign mega-mining company.