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One of the benefits of the European Union is better access to foreign porn movies, according to a French member of the European
The EU provides a platform for a confident, forward-looking Britain to take on the world. We should be striding forward into a world full of opportunity with our head held high. It's clear from the growing body of evidence that EU membership gives Britain a boost in an increasingly globalised world.
Let's be totally blunt about this; the formation of the Con-Dem coalition government in 2010 completely changed the political context of the immigration debate when they made one of their primary policies to reduce net migration by "tens of thousands" per year...
With the pressure that the current immigration discourse is putting on Romanians and Bulgarians living in the UK, it wouldn't be surprising if the girl with the beautiful high cheekbones didn't take my friend's question as a genuine invitation to talk a bit about herself and as an opportunity to learn something about him.