Free Syrian Army

Why are Syrian Muslims judged as extremists for fighting back against a brutal regime?
Pro-government militia shot Aiysha's mother, father and brother - but traumatised girl escaped with her life.
The war in Syria has produced many harrowing tales of bloodshed and loss – but few are more heartbreaking than that of Aiysha’s
The military victory for Assad is now pretty much assured. The election of Trump will turn the US position on Assad from ambivalence to open support, ensuring a political victory as well. The sad reality is the new warmth in US/Russian relations will be consummated with Assad's victory against his own people.
A new video of so-called Islamic State's "jihadi university" shows technicians for the group testing driverless car bombs
Within the next week Members of Parliament will be voting on whether to launch air strikes against ISIS in Syria. With many Labour and Conservative MPs in support of extending air strikes into Syria, it is likely that the first bombing raids will take place towards the end of next week. But it has not been determined what the government wishes to achieve by bombing Syria.
David Cameron has called the Russian bombing of Syria a “retrograde step” after reports Moscow's forces targeted positions
Western foreign policy vis-à-vis Iraq & Syria is an incoherent and ineffective mess. It is becoming painfully obvious that the lazily sporadic Western/coalition air strikes in the two countries, particularly in Iraq, are proving ineffective at pushing back ISIS, let alone defeating it.
Last year David Cameron pledged his support to President Obama in confronting the Syrian regime. The pledge was wrecked by Ed Miliband, for narrow political advantage. Had action been taken a year ago, we wouldn't have heard of ISIL/ISIS and its latest incarnation, so-called IS.
British jihadists fighting in Syria could be directly involved in torture and murder, with some purportedly sharing their