Free Syrian Army

The Free Syria Army has said UN observers were not the target of the bomb which exploded Wednesday near a Damascus hotel
Britain is to give an extra £5m to Syrian rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad's regime, helping to fund additional communications
Human Rights Watch have accused the Free Syria Army of committing potential war crimes as videos emerged of rebels "executing
President Bashar al-Assad has begun moving chemical weapons to airports in case of "external aggression", according to the
Two massive explosions have rocked the Syrian capital Damascus with state media reporting dozens of people dead or injured
An apparent bomb attack in the Syrian city of Dera'a wounded six soldiers moments after a convoy passed by carrying the head
International envoy Kofi Annan has insisted the Syrian government will meet the deadline for a ceasefire. Annan, acting as
Syrian forces opened fire on refugees who fled into a Turkish camp as violence spilled over the country's borders ahead of
A plan to end the violence in Syria was in ruins on Monday after rebels rejected last-minute demands by President Bashar
The United Nations Security Council has agreed a full statement on the humanitarian disaster in Syria for the first time