Free The Children

It's an incredible feeling being part of such a force for positive change and seeing the results. I'd encourage anyone who is lucky enough to get involved to do so. Just getting involved in your own community can make a difference.
too often the only time we see and hear about famous people living with mental illness is when they're not well and thrust in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons - giving us a distorted image of what life is like with these conditions. The reality is many, many people with a mental illness go on to live healthy, productive and personally fulfilling lives.
The Trussell Trust is a charity with both volunteers and clients, who take everyone, and help everyone they can. There seems to be a great misunderstanding about what we do, who we are and who we help and how we do so. Offering someone a tea, a slice of cake and asking "How are you" means more than I thought it could.
Our organisation comprises a non-profit, social enterprise and event day that specialises in getting people to embrace the concept of "WE"--thinking beyond themselves and helping others. We achieve this mission with a mostly millennial staff. (Craig is one of them.)
Remember that gung-ho teen who stopped you at the shopping centre for your signature on a petition or donation to a local cause? You might have just met tomorrow's millionaire entrepreneur.
As a parent, it can be hard enough to teach children to share with their siblings. So how can you instil a sense of empathy
All parents want to inspire and encourage children to reach their potential. That is why Free The Children, an international
After receiving the news that I had gained a place for the Virgin London Marathon in April, I thought that it would be a great idea to resurrect the iconic AOL running man logo. My aim is to complete the marathon dressed in full head-to-toe Running Man costume to raise money for the charity Free the Children.
Despite being almost double their age, these are important lessons that I too took from WE day and indeed, I think are important mantras for life. It was extremely empowering and inspiring to be surrounded by young people who are not only engaged in society but want to see changes in it. And all before they leave school!
I joined other dreamers, positive-thinkers, and world-changers for WE DAY, which is now an annual fixture, where thousands of school kids from 1,200 UK schools attended with their classes, after having earned a ticket by making a commitment, to undertake at least one local and one global charitable act of their choice as part of a year long ''We - Act'' programme.