free trade agreement

Some companies will have to move operations to the EU due to trade barriers, Office for Budget Responsibility says.
Furious rebels accuse PM of ‚Äúcynical manipulation‚ÄĚ as Johnson's majority is slashed to just 15.
Malcolm Turnbull, the former Australian leader, warns the PM to ‚Äúbe careful what you wish for‚ÄĚ.
Bleak impact including higher prices in shops is revealed in OBR report accompanying Rishi Sunak's spending review.
The Labour leader says the public want an agreement and not to "reopen old wounds".
According to reports the government plans to "consciously" undermine the exit agreement recently signed with the EU.
PM promises to ‚Äúdrive a hard bargain‚ÄĚ in negotiations with America.
Government refuses to commit to publishing any forecast of the costs to jobs and families.
"Of course preparations will remain extant, there's no reason to dismantle them," the prime minister said as he launched his 'Brexit roadmap'.
Africa’s ambition has not matched that of other advanced nations.