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A cultural centre in Havana has given local residents access to free-WiFi, a first for both Havana and Cuba. The centre is
It seems as though these big hotels just assume that everyone is claiming on expenses so they can get away with charging guests to use their Wi-Fi. It is very arrogant and completely unacceptable.
The web-using world needs a reality check. Consumers who enjoy virtually unlimited access to information, social connections and entertainment on their devices all day long are - for the most part - oblivious to the costs and complexities associated with the online ecosystem.
It's so important for parents, especially single parents, to have a strong and reliable support network around them, you can go through months without 'needing a friend' but when you do it's so reassuring to know that those positive role models are there waiting in the wings to come and be wonderful influence on the boys.
Scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have proposed the idea that old unused TV spectrums could be turned
Everyone knows that in today's world we have never been so connected. The Internet is a part of most of our lives at work and at play every day. Indeed ask most teenagers and they will consider the Internet as being almost as important as the air that they breathe!
Festival-goers at Glastonbury will benefit from super fast wifi for free this year - thanks to a herd of cows. Life-size
Sick of walking into tube stations and realising that for the next hour you need to live 'without' your mobile phone. Well
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A new free Wi-Fi service has launched in London's West End as the Olympic Games get underway. The service is available from
The first 80 Tube stations to receive free WiFi access have been announced. Virgin Media will enable the free wireless access