Greste was arrested while working for the English-language station of the Arabic language TV network Al Jazeera in Egypt
Freed Al Jazeera and ex-BBC journalist Peter Greste "won't rest" until his colleagues are released, his family has said, as
It's pleasing to see images across the world of people massing in their thousands to hold vigils for those who stood for freedom in our press. It is a dark day indeed for liberté if we allow our media to back off.
Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste looks out from the defendant's cage during the sentencing Journalists from around the
The Al Jazeera case is of course just the most visible part of the iceberg. Since the 2013 coup and the merciless crushing of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egypt government's suppression of all opposition - and indeed suppression also of "outsider" lifestyles like people perceived to be gay - appears to be boundless.
The Channel 4 website after the verdicts Britain's most famous journalistic voices and faces have held a one-minute silent
It would be funny if it wasn't so utterly tragic. Prosecutors in Egypt used bizarre clips from pop videos, a journalist's
The Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt, including former BBC correspondent Peter Greste, have been sentenced to seven