freedom of expression

'This vindicates the position taken by the film team all along.'
'The Importance of Courageous Free Media in Exposing and Holding Power to Account.'
The state's approach to certain human rights has been inconsistent throughout the years.
The paradox of tolerance is put to the test in South Africa.
Avoiding the risk of causing anger is not the same as showing respect -- it could well be the opposite.
"There are enough South Africans (and Afrikaners) who want to make this place work."
Too few commentators have engaged with the existing education legislation that should inform our reflection on the events in this KwaZulu-Natal school.
Should they have made this political statement at school or even in their school uniform? The answer is possibly no.
At this juncture in our fragile democracy we need to support journalists.
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, head of the Burmese military, is the most powerful person in Burma. It is his soldiers and